Our AI Platform to the World

Flaxxi AI is an innovative learning platform that combines advanced algorithms, machine learning techniques, and cognitive science principles to offer personalized and effective learning experiences. Our platform provides students with real-time insights into their learning progress, while also helping them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.



Artificial Intellegence

Everyone learns differently. No two brains are alike. The brain is made up of many different networks that help to learn. Some people learn better by seeing, others learn better by hearing. There are many manual methods & Techniques presently available for learning. 

Flaxxi AI combines traditional and scientific methods with artificial intelligence to create a user-friendly learning process that leverages technology to help learners strengthen their skills. Our platform constantly monitors the learning process and provides personalized recommendations to help learners retrieve subject matter with greater ease.



Environmental Factors


AI-enabled -Learning through Intelligent Cognitive Assistant

Learning processes are supported by an Intelligent Cognitive Assistant (ICA) powered by AI with Machine learning that blends Advanced learning methodologies & Traditional practices to the reinforcement of learning.

Innovation also helps those who are visually impaired. People with vision loss or low vision learn by listening to audible formats through audio commands by interacting with ICA.


4X Faster

Guided Parenting & Teaching

Physical, Mental & Emotional Health

Flaxxi – Accelerates  Learning & Skill development for students and also for those who are having learning challenges or are visually impaired in learning.

Flaxxi – offers an Innovating learning platform enabled with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning with an Intelligent Cognitive Assistant to help learners learn 4X faster.

Flaxxi - Reduces error in learning. It gives more perfect knowledge Visa-vis normal way of offline learning.

Why Choose Flaxxi?

Fostering Learning with Artificial Intelligence for an eXtraordinary eXperience and Insights

Our AI-based platform, Flaxxi, revolutionizes education by integrating AI, personalized guidance & real-time data for improved communication and understanding. It focuses on enhancing students’ emotional intelligence to augment cognitive capabilities & elevate education quality.


"An excellent learning experience that has required me to be more adaptive and open to many new challenges that are constantly shifting. My team is fun, supportive, and upbeat. I've been able to grow a ton in my career because of the creative freedom given to employees to better the company. 

As a member of the HR department, our vision is to provide leadership in shaping an equitable and inclusive culture that drives diversity, excellence, and innovation by supporting talent, engagement, and the employee work experience "- Shreya Agrawal, HR

"Working with Flaxxi allows me to address a childhood issue I experienced, for which I'm sincerely grateful. I struggled to keep up with studies due to environmental factors, feeling frustrated and misunderstood. Being part of the team that developed this groundbreaking product makes me proud. It inspires me to continue improving access, enjoyment, and effectiveness of education for all"

Shobhit Kanchan , Asst Business Analyst.

"I am incredibly grateful to be a part of this amazing company. The passion and dedication of my team members have truly inspired me, and I feel privileged to work in such an invigorating environment. Joining the Flaxxi team promises to be an exceptional experience, and I am fully committed to contributing my best towards the overall growth and success of the company." - Aayush Gupta, Developer (AI/ML) - IIT Jammu

Words from Our Test Users Community

"Before, all that seemed to matter was my grades and academic performance. It made me feel pressured and lacked confidence. I wanted to improve my grades, but I also wanted to focus on developing my personality. Flaxxi understood this in a unique way that nobody else did. The AI scheduler helps me manage my time effectively, allowing me to balance learning, playing, and watching movies. Thank you, Flaxxi, for recognizing and supporting my holistic growth"- Prajwal - Student from Bangalore

"As a parent, I had concerns about my son's academic performance and noticed a negative demeanor in him. However, since we began using the beta version of Flaxxi, we have witnessed a positive shift in his attitude and a gradual improvement in his studies. The app allows me to track his progress, giving me valuable insights into his development. I am eagerly anticipating the commercial release of Flaxxi, as I believe it will continue to support my son's growth and bring further positive changes to his education journey" Jagadish,  Parent from Mumbai.

"Monitoring every student was a challenge, as my ability was limited to reviewing grades. However, with Flaxxi, I now have access to real-time analytics for each student, allowing me to understand their emotional and mental well-being. This not only enhances my understanding of each child but also accelerates their progress significantly" -  Riddhi Pandey, Teacher from Lucknow.

Incubated at IIT Jammu

Member, IIT MindScape